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Rise and rise until Lambs become Lions!
  • According to the US Department of Education : Homeschooling is up 74% since 1999
  • It’s no longer a solitary exercise for many parents: it’s communal. Many families are now sharing ideas about teaching and taking turns as teachers.
  • Studies used to show that most parents decided to homeschool for religious reasons, but that’s not the case anymore.
  • 36% homeschool for religious reasons but 38% said the primary reason they homeschool is because they don’t like the school environment or the way teachers teach—those numbers are also way up from a few years ago

For the full story, read : Homeschooling on the Rise.

Also read a 2004 article on MSNBC to know you can do a much better job.



I’ve finally had some time to sit down and write an update for 21PLC after postponing my second trip to KL within a week. Phew!

Last week I met up with Alicia Ling-Horseley of Homeschool Malaysia and we had a really good time over dinner with her entire family including the in-laws and god-parents of her three kids. I betcha her kids are sweeter than the chocolate they got from me. Anyhow, we managed to discuss the current scene of how homeschooling is being practised and perceived and what our own believes are.  I’m so thankful to Alicia for willing to be my “right hand woman” in organizing the KL parents to collaborate with 21PLC in bringing the founders and students of a very successful co-op Academy from Virginia, USA to answer  all those questions about how to homeschool that have been asked again and again.


You can find the article here.

Please note that this event was originally organized by English For Asians but renting the premises from Pemancar House. As such we have access to the Special Education teachers there and so have the opportunity to invite a few special needs students and their parents to join and learn from the teachers via a “learn as you play” small group tutorial in the midst of a ‘regular’ scenario of children and teens of all ages interacting and learning freely.